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Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine at Bee Mediterranean Restaurant

Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine at Bee Mediterranean Restaurant

Bee Mediterranean Restaurant

Roni Liberman is changing things up. After running his Java Dive Organic Cafe for 12 years, he’s now renaming it Bee Mediterranean. The new name better shows that they’re all about Mediterranean food, not just coffee.

Before becoming a restaurant owner, Liberman lived in Belize, working as a diving instructor. Love brought him to Texas where he met his future wife. At the same time, he decided to open a coffee shop.

He first thought about starting a diving center and coffee place in Lake Travis. But he soon found out that diving wasn’t as popular there as in Belize. He also learned something else – Austin is big on food. Plus, to keep a coffee shop going, you need to serve food, not just coffee.

That’s when Liberman started offering Israeli food. People loved it! And in 2005, his coffee shop turned into a large Mediterranean restaurant in Lakeway, spanning 3,000 square feet.

He had to close this place in 2014 to have more family time. But five years later, he was back in business, this time at the Hill Country Galleria.

Java Dive is known for its coffee. They roast their own beans and have a long list of espresso-based drinks like americanos, cappuccinos, and lattes. But, Liberman wants people to know it’s more than a coffee shop – it’s a proper restaurant.

The menu at Bee Mediterranean has plenty to choose from. You can try shakshuka, a yummy mix of tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, spices, and egg from North Africa and the Middle East. They also serve grilled pita sandwiches, thinly sliced and marinated shawarma, falafel paninis, and plates with organic rice and meat.

These dishes show off the best of modern Mediterranean food, says Liberman. They are a tasty reminder of how diverse Israel’s food culture is, with flavors from many different Middle Eastern countries.

Intrigued by the transformation of Java Dive into Bee Mediterranean? Come taste the modern Mediterranean” cuisine that has won the hearts of many. Take a culinary journey through Israel’s diverse food culture right in Texas. Visit Bee Mediterranean today and experience the best of Middle Eastern flavors. You can check out their full menu and get more details about the restaurant at their website Come join us and discover the delicious blend of Mediterranean foods that awaits you!