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We Tried Bali Blue Single Origin Coffee from Susquehanna Beans Coffee

Bali Blue Coffee by
We Tried Bali Blue Single Origin Coffee from Susquehanna Beans Coffee

A Symphony of Flavors: A Review of Bali Blue Coffee by Susquehanna Beans

Unearthing the Magic of Bali Blue

Bali Blue from Susquehanna Beans Coffee is a captivating single-origin coffee that epitomizes the richness of the Indonesian highlands. Grown in the fertile volcanic soils of the Kintamani region of Bali, Indonesia, this organic coffee reflects the hard work and dedication of the smallholder farmers who tend to it. For those new to the world of single-origin coffees, I recommend reading this comprehensive guide from Perfect Daily Grind.

The Intricacies of High-Altitude Coffee Growing

As the coffee is grown at altitudes of 1,200 to 1,600 meters, the beans develop a distinct character, absorbing the unique qualities of the terroir. This elevation, combined with a hand-picked, wet-hulled, and raised bed drying process, creates a coffee bean of remarkable quality. The beans are carefully nurtured, ensuring the resulting coffee is as flavorful and fresh as the environment in which it is grown.

Embracing the Dark Roast: A Flavorful Departure

The first thing you notice with Bali Blue is the darker roast. This is a departure from the typical lighter roasts commonly associated with single-origin coffees. Here, the deeper roast allows for an enhanced experience of the warm, chocolatey flavors the beans have to offer. It’s an invigorating twist that sets Bali Blue apart from its counterparts.

The Harmonious Flavor Profile of Bali Blue

On first sip, the tasting notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and brown sugar harmoniously intertwine, presenting a complex yet balanced flavor profile. The dark chocolate provides a depth of richness, while the molasses contributes a layer of natural sweetness. The brown sugar note ties these flavors together, bringing a comforting familiarity that makes this coffee an ideal daily drinker.

The Variety Trio: Bourbon, Typica, Catimor

The varieties of the coffee – Bourbon, Typica, Catimor – each add their unique characteristics to the cup. Bourbon brings a touch of sweetness, Typica adds a dash of complexity, and Catimor contributes a hearty body to the brew. These varieties, coupled with the volcanic loam soil, contribute to the coffee’s fuller, bolder, and less acidic taste.

The Role of Volcanic Loam Soil in Shaping Bali Blue

This lower acidity ensures a smooth, pleasant drinking experience, even for those who might usually find coffee a bit too sharp on the palate.

A Tribute to the Smallholder Farmers of Kintamani

This coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a testament to the passion and hard work of the smallholder farmers from Kintamani who grow these beans. Each cup serves as a reminder of their dedication to the craft and the love they pour into their work.

Why Bali Blue is an Excellent Choice for Your Daily Brew

Bali Blue by is an excellent choice for those seeking an intriguing single-origin coffee with a full-bodied flavor profile. Its complex layers of taste, combined with its low acidity, make it a pleasant daily brew that is sure to impress both novices and coffee connoisseurs alike. It’s a delightful journey into the world of Indonesian coffee, one sip at a time. So, what are you waiting for? Order some today from and immerse yourself in this flavorful experience!